The DIY Infinity Wrap Dress: Some Research

I have a lovely length of teal jersey knit I bought awhile ago for a cowl neck scarf, before I knew I was going to have a kid. Now, I feel like I could do more with it in the realm of maternity clothing, and started to do some research.

I kind of want to do a tunic top like Megan Nielsen’s pattern, but I’m too cheap to pay the $18 and not confident in my abilities to design it myself. I still might try it though.

Then today I came across these popular Convertible/Infinity dresses, and remembered how lovely they would work out as maternity dresses. Here’s the fruit of my research:

Knuckle Salad’s take on it and I love her very detailed infograph and pictures.

See Cate Create’s Little Red Infinity Wrap Dress is also quite detailed and lovely.

And Mimetik’s shop is full of such lovely goodness.

I think part of this Family Day weekend might find me sewing away. I personally prefer the option of making this dress myself because I notice a lot of the commercial options out there are not only pricey, but more revealing than I’m comfortable with. If I can get away without wearing a bandeau under, I’ll be that much more comfortable. My only concern is creating a waistband that will be tight enough on my waist, but stretchy enough to fit either over my shoulders or my baby bump later on.

The DIY Infinity Wrap Dress: Some Research


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